A Behind the Scenes Look at Content Creation

I started webcam modeling in March 2016, three years ago this month, and I started making videos shortly after. At first, I had no idea how to make a good quality recording. I filmed ALL my videos on my iPhone 6, didn’t even edit them, and uploaded them just like that for the entire world to see. Looking back, those videos are a little embarrassing, but I love them because they show me how far I have come.

My content has come a long way since then. I started out as a solo-only model, posting my Chaturbate squirt shows to Pornhub. Those videos are rough, amateur recordings, but they made me good money and they taught me how to be a better creator. Now I am constantly reaching out to other models hoping to create passionate beautiful content with them. I have so many wonderful girl/girl videos that I am so proud of now. Every video brings new challenges and teaches me something. Part of why I enjoy working with other models is I love exploring my possible chemistry with others, especially on film. Capturing those pure authentic moments is so beautiful to me. I think my fans agree as they seem to love my girl/girl videos!

I kind of accidentally fell into a pattern of being other models’ ‘first’ girl/girl experience on camera. My fans constantly ask, partially joking, for me to find other girls to bring into lesbian content! I love being able to make a woman feel safe and comfortable and sexy when she first starts exploring the world of being a NOT solo performer. My fans are always asking for more.

Usually my fans are creative and have great ideas for videos, but I also often get requests that are not quite in line with what I like to do. Strangely enough, I get tons of smoking requests. Fans email me saying they want me to smoke in my videos, but I don’t smoke! I always turn those down. All of us models get outrageous requests! My favorite requests are when a fan educates me about a fetish. I enjoy making videos that explore new fetishes, so when a fan explains why they want a certain fetish and what about it excites them, I love that. It gives me so much inspiration to make better content. My fans can be so smart and creative!

One asset of creating content that I really learned to enjoy was the technical side of it. I used to feel so overwhelmed by cameras, lighting, audio equipment and editing software. Now I’ve learned to slow down and really enjoy learning new things about my equipment. I now have a REAL camera, not my phone! I have several mics and use two different editing programs to create my videos. I’ve come a long way when it comes to content quality, but I still have so much more to learn, and that excites me.

When I go to film a video, there’s a certain sequence of steps I take.

I start with the concept: What am I going to shoot? I mentally go through all my outfits and sex toys and ideas until I can form a video idea in my head. Usually I’ll just sit and write down every idea I have until I’ve got 30 ideas on the page, then I’ll pick out which ideas I can execute with the supplies I currently have.

Then comes the preparation. If I need to go to a different location, I plan that. I write a list of all the things I need if I’m traveling. If I’m at home I start with cleaning up and making sure my ‘set’ is perfect. Then I shower, do makeup, hair and wardrobe. Then comes the tricky part: setting up my camera equipment perfectly. (A video I shot last weekend took me an entire hour to set up and get perfect.) I set up my tripod and my camera. Sometimes I’ll attach my camera to my laptop so I can see what my camera screen can see while I’m filming. Without that I’m often going blind and just hoping I’m still in the frame! This plus lighting can take a while, I do what I can to make it as good as possible. We are all our own worst critic, right? I always see things while editing that I know I could have improved while filming. You learn a lot with every video you make, each one gets better and better.

Once I’m all set up, it’s time to start filming. I still get so nervous before every video! I’m completely comfortable in front of cameras and do a live cam show four days a week, but still my heart is always racing right before I film. Sometimes I’m lucky and I turn on the camera and the scene just flows perfectly. Sometimes I can just start talking and not make a single mistake and it’s great. But often I restart multiple times, fumble over my words, have to get up and stretch my legs halfway through. It’s a labor of love, but the final product is so worth it.

After filming comes editing! I’m still learning, so this can be along process. I’m getting better and better at it every day though and it’s really enjoyable. I can be at my laptop for hours and completely lose track of time while I’m editing. After I’m done and my video is complete, I focus on creating promo for it. Graphics for social media, writing descriptions, things like that. This part is usually pretty quick and I get so excited because it means I finally get to share what I’m been creating with my fans!

My favorite videos are usually the ones I make with other models. I love exploring my chemistry on camera and sharing it with the world. One of my absolute favorite videos is my most recent girl/girl video with Lydia Love. I woke up really early and took a Lyft to her hotel room. When I got there, she was a little nervous, we talked and set up right in front of this huge window. We had beautiful natural light coming through, it was perfect. It was her very first non-solo video, and her fist lesbian experience, so we talked through all the positions and angles we wanted to capture on camera. We even practiced a few positions to make sure it looked good. She was nervous but ready, once we started filming everything just flowed. It was such an enjoyable scene to make and I am so proud of it.

Creating content is a challenging job, but it is so worth it. I love creating passionate, authentic content and delivering it to my fans. Sharing myself with all of them have been amazing in so many ways.

Three tips for how to have sex like a pornstar!

I have sex a lot, with a lot of different people. That’s the life of a pornstar! This means I also get STD tests a lot. I couldn’t do what I do without getting tested regularly.

If you want your sex life to be as fun as mine, follow these three tips for how to have sex like a pornstar. My first tip is simple:

1. Get tested before every new ‘scene’ in your life! Meet someone new? Get tested!

I get tested before all my porn scenes – the porn industry standard is to get tested often, my STD test is only valid for 2 weeks! That means I get my blood drawn and pee in a cup really often. So if you’re all about having tons of “scenes” you should be visiting a testing facility on the regular too!

Got that? Good! Now let’s talk about why a lot of people aren’t getting tested, fear. That’s why my second tip is:

2. Have NO Fear!

One of the main reasons people don’t go get tested is fear. Testing can be scary, and stressful. There’s needles and the fear of what if you have something! But I know you can get through it. The more you go, the easier it gets! A lot of us feel nervous or scared on our way to the testing facility. I don’t think anyone is a fan of needles, but the results are worth it! I get tested a lot and I still get nervous waiting for the test, and especially waiting for the results!

I know that those results are very important to have, so seriously, don’t worry! Just go! You’ll find the testing facility staff friendly and helpful and If I can do it, so can you! Finally, my last tip:

3. Don’t wait until you are sick! Prevention is key, so get tested while you’re healthy!

My third tip is a little more serious. I care a lot about my health, and the health of my sexual partners. One of the best ways to take care of yourself is to practice preventative measures. It’s a fact that you can have an STD and NEVER have any symptoms. Even if you feel fine, you can pass it along to your partner, endangering their health.

I only sleep with people who have a fresh and clean STD test. Safe sex is hot because I feel safe and cared for when I know my scene partner cares about my health as well as theirs!

Now let’s talk about how! Where do you go? How much does it cost?

The CDC has a tool to help you! Go to gettested.cdc.gov and type in your zip code to find testing facilities near you. In many cases you can get tested for free!

Now that you know how to have sex like a pornstar, go get tested!